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and worst moments from past democratic conventions and lessons learned is douglas brinkley. he's a presidential historian and cbs news consultant and the author of cronkite. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> i want to begin with hubert humphrey in 1958 in minneapolis. let's take a listen. >> to those who say that we are rushing this issue of civil rights, i say to them, we are 172 years late. >> now the southern delegates walked out when he said this. hard for some people to imagine now. douglas, how did it go over, overall with the election and what do you think about what he had to say sm. >> well, hubert humphrey was mayor of minneapolis and he was absolutely correct. i mean, racism and jim crowe was a part of the united states. he took it head on. fdr made strides on civil rights. harry truman had, including desegregating of the army. here's humphrey giving this speech on civil rights, shaming that democrats wanted to keep jim crowe in place. you have all the delegates from mississippi and half from alabama that got in and walked out. humphrey started becoming a
maginnis and douglas holtz-eakin joins us and the author of the book ed klein. the obama administration still back the length over the handling of the september 11 terrorist attack in benghazi that killed three americans and the ambassador. the first terrorist attack on this president watch. ed henry with our report. >> another day. another version of exactly what went down in libya nearly two weeks ago. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> the confusion started on september 12. >> no acts of terror what other shake this nation. >> top officials spent the next week insisting they could not say it was a terror attack and suggested it was more likely a spontaneous reaction to an anti-muslim film. >> in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> i will not put labels on this until we have a complete investigation. >> our interest is in finding the facts of what happened, not taking what we have read in the newspaper in making bold assertions. >> even when carney flipped his thinking and told reporters it was self evident there was a terror attack within a c
charette . gregorio manuel chavez pedro francisco checo douglas macmillan cherry stephen patrick cherry vernon paul cherry nester julio chevalier swede chevalier alexander h. chiang dorothy j. chiarchiaro luis alfonso chimbo robert chin wing wai ching nicholas paul chiofalo and my brother and bill patty. so, we love you and miss you every day. god bless our troops and god bless america. >> and my father, police officer william callahan. not a day goes by we don't think of you. you're in our hearts forever. john chipura peter a. chirchirillo catherine chirls kyung hee cho abul k. chowdhury mohammad salahuddin chowdhury kirsten l. christophe pamela chu steven chucknick wai chung christopher ciafardini alex f. ciccone frances ann cilente elaine cillo edna cintron nestor andre cintron iii robert dominick cirri juan pablo cisneros-alvarez benjamin keefe clark eugene clark gregory alan clark mannie leroy clark thomas r. clark christopher robert clarke donna marie clarke michael j. clarke suria rachel emma clarke kevin francis cleary and my brother, davin mckenney, you always and forever be in
! >> logan douglas was hanging out with gomes, he is from petalmua too. he arranged the royal treatment for the little leaguers. >> especial, i think they caught everyone off guard. you never know what the talent pool will be, and they gave it a great run, and represented the whole west well. >> coach eric smith said that the on field visit is a dream come true for a deserving bunch. >> do we get to go on the field? we get to go on the field? and to see the players. this was their dream. >> this was more than a meet and greet, they got luxury box seating, time on the big screen and douglas' favorite, a tour of the clubhouse. >> it's cool they all have their own section and they have a ton of shirts and oaklies. >> they took the field for the national anthem. 13, 12 and 13-year-old boys, soaking up the big leagues. >> i want to be a pro baseball player, it's awesome. not a lot of chances for it, still, keep trying. >> that's the spirit that got petalmua to the world series and on to this field. >> i have coco crisp and josh reddick. >> the magic happened fast, but these kids will remembe
pieceef green douglas fir. it's dense. and quite hard. this is something of a quality that you just will not go buy in any lumbar yard today. >> it's a piece of timber. you see the rings and by looking at the rings imagine how big the tree was. okay. see how tight they are. the tree was quite large. if you look at this one, it's hard to perceive where the circle of the tree rings actually were. imagine this tree, it was huge. >> that's douglas fir. it's funny today we have modern engineered lumber this is natures perfect natural lumber. this is the spencer house, this is a section of an old capital on the top of the column holding the center span being in the basement. everything in that house all the framing is of this quality. we would make molding out of it or stair treads today. as a result that house after 106 years of earthquakes is still plum and level and you know in amazing shape because -- >> if you look this is a modern 2 by 4 you see the rings. this one is not so bad in terms of how close together they are. >> you have a question? >> what if you eluded to earlier th
douglas was upset with some of her co-workers, so she drove her bus into the trailer that housed their lounge. the washington post reports the jury agreed and convicted douglas. she now faces 53 years in prison. sentencing is next month. >>> a northern virginia man on death row since he was 20 had the chance that he would walk out a free man today, but the judge said not so past. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox at the prince william county courthouse where the family of justin wolfe received disappointing news today. despite a federal judge throwing out just tip wolfe's murder for hire conviction -- justin wolfe's murder for hire conviction and death sentence, the judge here today refused to release him on bond. >> it's so unfair that justin has spent 11 years in solitary confinement for a crime he didn't commit and it's time for him to come home. >> reporter: 10 years ago justin wolfe was sentenced to death after being convicted of murder for hire in the killing of fellow marijuana dealer daniel petrolli. the shooter owen barer who is serving 38 years now says wolfe had nothing to
, it will be very similar to boeing when they bought mcdonald douglas. i think it will be good for the u.s. and for the world global market, because it will put in a new competitor who can do things, for example, like i think if the merger had occurred we might have gotten a lower price on the tanker that we're doing. >> tom: so this comes at a time when defense spending is under a lot of pressure when it comes to the fiscal cliff and boeing and lockheed martin and others have looked globally for their growth. what could it mean for those international markets for the domestic defense contractors? >> well, if they're going to have more competitors, last year the united states had like 87% of the global market, 60 some odd billion dollars. what you'll see is they will not have as high of a share. i think the u.s. company share will drop back closer to 50%. >> tom: does the market shrink as well? or does that market continue to grow even with more competitors? >> well, the market grew substantially this year, primarily because of the threat that many middle east countries perceive from ira
. olympic champion gabby douglas wowed crowds last night with her gymnastic talents ... but this time she was in the spotlight on stage. the 16 year-old performed at the mtv awards last night at the staples center alongside alicia keys singing "girl on fire." the gold medal gymnast posed for pictures with some of the leading ladies in pop music--- including rihanna... taylor swift and kate perry. douglas's side-kick's for the evening included the rest of team usa gymnast's. douglas tweeted: "'had so much fun tonight at the vma's with my girls!" that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. here are the winning picked three numbers: 3 numbers: 0 6 6 here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 7 3 8 the mega-millions drawing is $105 million this evening uuele ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. peacefu
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. >> this is an incredible story. the last two years have been very tough for rafael and ra feek douglas, the two high school football players, lost both their mother and father. they leaned on school football and friends at school to get through. >> he wasn't really strict, but he was on us. he wanted us to be a better man than he was. >> me being in the middle, i always butted heads with my dad. but he was tough on me. and he tried to instill -- he tried to instill the fact he wanted me to are better than he was. >> reporter: one of the greatest lessons of all is that life isn't fair. it was a lesson learned well before their time with the loss of their father in 2008. >> i was heart broken about that, you know. but i tried to step up as a man, to try to be there for my younger brother and my sister and my mom. >> reporter: then two years later on august 25th, 2010, at just 43 years old, their mother passed away. >> my mom, she never -- she never got sick. i remember through my whole life she only got sick one time. >> it really was hard. i lost, you know, two of my family members. and then to have to see
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that is extremely catastrophic to me. >> reporter: specialist douglas has been home since january he was in a truck that was detonated by a roadside bomb. it killed four of the guardsmen. >> take me back to that day. >> it's a double edge sword. i want to remember but i don't. >> reporter: for nearly a month he lay in a coma at walter reed hospital with a broken pelvis, fractured spine, crushed ankle and punctured lung. >> i thank god every day i'm here. i was able to see my son's birth, and i was able to be back here in the states for that and around my kids but at the same time i would gladly give my life to bring all four of them back. >> reporter: he was eager to thank the men who saved his life. one of them was sergeant jordan who saw the explosion from the rear of the convoy. >> not knowing, scared, it was scary. >> reporter: jordan is his brother in arms but brother-in-law. the last time these men saw each other, he was being loaded on to a medical helicopter. >> i missed you. >> reporter: amanda also wanted to thank her big brother clinton. >> my brother told me he was out there and held h
millions of people when she won gold at the 2012 london olympic games. now gymnast gabby douglas is taking her floor exercise to the center stage at the mtv music video awards. ♪ >> okay. the 16-year-old did a small routine alongside aleisha keys singing her newest single "girl on fire" during last night's show. douglas was not at the staple center alone. the group and douglas, maroney, kyle la ross and jordan weaver introduce them. >> look at them all dressed up. hard to recognize them. >> they look good. >> they look great. gabby giffords is everywhere. she was at the democratic c convention leading the pledge of allegian allegiance. >>> let's go to veronica johnson. where are you? >> right here. get it together, aaron. that's what happens. those girls are great. that's what happens when you win, when you try hard. all right. this morning, we're talking about the fact that we've got a little less humidity out there. a little cooler, too. i want to show you the temperatures and the dew point temperature indication of how much moisture is in the air. right now the numbers throughout the
? >> douglas eaken is a former economic advisor of john mccain from 2008. morris reid is a democratic strategist. dough, your are on the mccain team in the financial crisis, so you had really no chance four years ago. your candidate made it worse when he admitted to not knowing much about the economy. this isn't nearly as bad, but not what a president wants so close to an election, right? how much does it hurt? >> by now, people made up their mind. this is the fourth straight month where despite a top like of apparent improvement, you had a jobs growth with no real wage growth. this is a pattern that's now been cemented into the voters head. if there is a bad jobs report, a negative one, you see a swing late with bad news. >> morris, the message out of charlotte this week is it's going to take time. we have to be patient. how do you think that resonated with the voters out there and how patient do you think they will be. >> the numbers are important. in a political election, any number going down hurts. it doesn't help when you have 100,000 to 125,000 in job growth. it's important, th
still have a fan for which closed at its douglas of highway 4. against a tool of the ability to die. those of his of how this morning so be careful if you're committed to crush a maze. the site the golden gate bridge is slowing nicely with the interest of the system. >>> today to be the delta at the fans to ready. the new form may be the star attraction at the up a conference today. >>> were hearing those words expected and may be because as usual apple is doing this in a shroud of secrecy. and how local hero. the going to make an announcement and invite only announcement this morning at 10:00 a.m.. custom of the expectations we douglas, to be called but i from 5 is good to be a good bet. it could have been to connect to which would render a lot of accessories obsolete. as good at the quad or processor which will be faster and will run on before jeanette work. a lot of people held off because the and by the port has hit >>> he could really tell the difference between a low of semaphore could this is a new device appears >>> apple is expected to sell 45 million phones by the end of t
you have a team-signed ball. >> reporter: 13-year-old logan douglas hanging out with the a's jonny gomes. gomes is from petaluma, too, he arranged a royal treatment for the little leaguers who placed third in the little league world series. >> it was pretty special. i think they kind of caught everyone off-guard, but you never know what the talent pool is going to be, and they gave it a great run and represented the whole west pretty well. >> reporter: the coach said the onfield visit is a dream come true for a deserving bunch. >> we get to go on the field? we get to go on the field? and then just to see the players. this is their dream. >> reporter: this was more than a meet-and-greet. these kids got luxury box seating, time on the big screen, and douglas' favorite, a tour of the clubhouse. >> it's cool, they have their own section. they all have a ton of oakleys and, like, a ton of shirts in there. it's really cool. >> reporter: petaluma even took the field with the a's for the national an then. 12 and 13-year-old boys soaking up the big leagues. >> i want to become a pro basebal
>> funding for "to the contrary" provided by: the cornell douglas foundation committed to encouraging stewardship of the environment, land conservation, watershed protection and eliminating harmful chemicals. additional funding provided by: the colcom foundation. the wallace genetic foundation and by the charles a. frueauff foundation. the republicans take their cam with their message as democrats head to charlotte to formally nominate president obama. then, labor secretary hilda solis defends the administration with a labor day interview on women and jobs. hello, i'm bonnie erbe. welcome to "to the contrary," a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, battling for the women's vote. president obama and the democrats soon have their week in the spotlight. among other thingst's their chance to resnd to this week's chges by republican presidential candidate mitt romney and gop convention speakers. one prominent goal at the gop convention was to narrow the looming gender gap. >> when my mom ran for the senate my dad was there for her every s
you. more into meant for the 20,000 i had douglas brinkley with me right now. he had a tough job go. he knowledge to the poll numbers are not great. he talked about popularity, i am paraphrasing but how do you think he did? >> he did in excellent job. it is hard to follow bill clinton. is his stump speech with some glitter on it. it reminds me of fdr 1936 and at the end started to sound like march and a 13 but all i want is a fair shot and that is the theme he built the fairness i was a little surprised he went after oil company's goal warming, a pollution, wall street did give red meat to the democrats in charlotte. neil: i noticed that as well. i expect any president to be a certain way i did not hear him acknowledge any mistakes on his part wide the poll numbers are the way they are. because not to own up to the problems. that is to be expected. i know you follow this more closely, but it gets the lead role. i wonder for americans beyond the room who want their president to a knowledge the problems around them. what do you think? >> he did mention abraham lincoln he went to the h
.c. statues of douglas are housed at one judiciary square. advocates for the district have long pushed for the statues to be moved to the capitol. the resolution now awaits presidential approval. douglas will become the third african-american depicted in a statue there. >>> yesterday the national cathedral was overflowing with people who came to say goodbye to neil armstrong. the first man to walk on the moon. armstrong passed away last month after complications from heart surgery. he was 82 years old. he will be buried at sea later today. it will happen somewhere in the atlantic. >>> mgm resorts is rolling out the red carpet to visitors at national harbor. the resort chain opened an information center there yesterday. local politicians took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. mgm says its goal is to introduce visitors to the mgm brand and vision and if the company gets its way a luxury casino. maryland residents will vote on the gambling referendum in november. >>> taylor swift fans blocked to northwest washington yesterday. they came to see the new wax figure of the country music star
>> funding for "to the contrary" provided by: the cornel douglas foundation. committed to encouraging stewardship of the environment, land conservation, watershed protection and eliminating harmful chemicals. additional funding provided by: the colcom foundation, thwallllacgenenetic foundation, and by the charles a. frueauff foundation. this week on to the contrary: first, little girls and big guns. then, bias against women in science. behind the headlines: bpa, a chemical used in plastic that's everywhere and raising health concerns. wa >> hello, i'm bonnie erbe. welcome to to the contrary, a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, tweeting firestorm. gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan generated controversy this week when he stopped off from his campaign to buy hunting gear for his 10-year-old daughter. the avid hunter said his daughter is ready to go hunting for the first time. he bought her a rifle for christmas last year. ryan fans banded together on twitter to show their second amendment support by posting pictures of thei
. it is getting worse. this mandate is getting pricier. the former director douglas holtz eakin. that is a big shopper and an added expense to something that needs to seem to be adding is it as a big surprise. >> cbl is up 50%. looking inside that increase, source number one is a bad economy, which the cbo projects. that means a lot of people out there. the affordable care act said it was illegal and it is a bad economy and you get a bad outcome. and that's where we are. neil: it presupposes that if you are working, you will have health care coverage. there is no guarantee that your employer will provided or that he or she will suffer the penalty because it's cheaper than providing you the coverage. how expensive do you think this thing gets? >> estimates of the full 10 years of spending is about $2.6 trillion. i will be shocked if it turns out this is anything close to budget neutral. i think it will create deficits when we have deficits in baghdad. the affordable care act is not, in my view, and we will see that as the years progressed. >> salute the concerts leading content exceeding what w
to form into douglas, buster douglas, you remember him. our next guest, he is one of the most controversial men in boxing, you cannot deny an original. another part of the entertainment business, film, legendary boxing from motor don king. i would not have thought of you as like sydney pollack were to try to handset producing a film. >> what i am doing is trying the hands to help humanity. this film, he had the faith and the courage to expose an assault on humanity that is second-to-none. i had a major spill on exxon, the gulf of new mexico, gulf of mexico i should say with bp. but nobody goes out to see about it in nigeria which dwarfs the gulf of mexico and they'll does. liz: we show a span of a very short time all the continuous oil spills in nigeria. we make so much about the one still in decades, but what is the main issue that you found helping to put this film together? >> the illustrated the poison of the universal color line that has been established worldwide and because they are black, that is when nobody was concerned because it is worthless. the supremacist and th
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the revolutionizing rifle was important in the protection for the press. 1965 justice william o. douglas, griswold versus connecticut, the case that is published the right to privacy said married couples couldn't deny the couple to be denied birth control. chief justice warren's opinion in merten versus arizona revolutionizing the criminal procedure and perhaps more importantly, changing television drama forever. [laughter] 1967 perhaps the best name case in supreme court history, loving versus virginia. what was the case? it was the case that said states could no longer than racial intermarriage. think about that. in 1967. there are people in this room who were alive in 1967. [laughter] it was still the legal and a lot of states for racial intermarriage. when barack obama's parents got married in kenya -- i'm sorry. [laughter] it is a cheap joke and i apologize but it does remind me. everybody knows mitt romney is having a rough patch as presidential candidate but a sentence i have not heard a word anywhere if only donald trump had been the nominee. because as you recall he sort of built this cam
pillar of the system. (douglas gomery) he had them set up an independent company and then pay the company, rather than the star. hence, it would be taxed at approximately half the rate. (narrator) with major company movies going to company cinemas first, independent theatres weren't able to compete. they could only show films after they were played out and forced by the studios to book their entire output, good or bad. although the majors controlled only 16% of the cinemas, they were winning 90 percent of the total cinema box office. (narrator) in the mid-30's, the national recovery act was declared unconstitutional but it took until 1948 for the supreme court to finally put its nail in the system's coffin. it ordered the majors to sell their cinemas and function as distribution and production companies only. the classic studio era was over. paramount was the first to consent and as a result, its profits dropped from $20 million to $6 million in one year. the studios were so efficient that it was an oligarchy and the government came in and said, "no, no." it was much more efficient when t
life skill rather than recreation. >>> fans can see olympic gymnast phenom gabby douglas perform at hp pavilion tonight. she'll be joined by her team members and the men's team as well, all part of the kellogg's tour of gymnastics champions. although the tour is a time for relaxation and fun, the gymnasts expect to show off their serious skills. >>> social gaming is big, but for bay area-based zynga, social gaming has stumbled a bit. the company that was once the talk of the town is in need of a new success story. 1/10 they launched farmville 2.0. nbc bay area's scott budman has an exclusive inside look. >> reporter: it's a new farm powered by the latest technology with big goals. >> we want this to feel like it's the best five or ten minutes of a player's day. >> reporter: and an entire company counting on it to be successful. farmville 2.0, sequel to the game that helped launched online social gaming and zynga along with it, now having staggered to a stock price less than a third of what it was when it went public, zynga needs a hit more than ever. >> any game that you make, there's
. [applause]. >> please welcome mr. douglas kaerny. [applause] >> how many know the song living in the city by stevie wonder. that great skit at end where stevie plays all the voices and gets arrested. new york city, skyscrapers and everything. this is a poem that reimagines that gentlemen exists the bus in that skit as john henry. this is a section of it. skyscrapers and everything. j hammer henry mallet [inaudible] could barely fit hammer poking out like natural man's skyscraper to the concrete for deep machine sleep abouts income. don't go john henry traffic man, don't go across that street. the flood song poems were poems written in reaction to katrina. how can i enter that space of writing poems about that. i'm not from there and don't have family there. who benefits from that tragedy? who benefits from that disregard for humanity and the thought animals would benefit from that. this first poem is flood songs number 4 mosquitoes drinking didy. >> drink every hour next up this hour and every hour after. was born in the river there is enough to go around. drink every hour on the hour an
and also go to cbssf.com for the very latest and check out reports from douglas sovereign live in charlotte. >> paul ryan is on the campaign trail, attacks were in full force when he rallied supporters at east carolina university, he compared the president to jimmy carter. >> every president since the great depression who asked americans to send them into a second term, could say that you're better off today than you were four years ago, except for jimmy carter, and for president barack obama. >> aside from the attacks, he mainly focused on the economy saying that mitt romney would do more to get people back to work. >> they both want your vote, but what is it going to cost you? >> an easy way to figure out which presidential candidate is better for your bank account. but first, hot weather in seven california challenging fire crews today, the time line for the containment of the wildfire burning in the angeles national forest. >> on the other hand back in the bay area we have some of the nice weather across the country today with blue skies, temperatures a little bit cooler than it was yes
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